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Exploring Poetry

I have been encouraged by Cordelia Lee to explore my creative side, she has inspired me to use poetry as a form of self-expression. I find that poetry allows me to express myself in a different way. Though I have to admit, it is still a struggle for me to find the words to express myself.
Recently, I was moved for the first time to submit my poetry for an anthology
The theme and subject matter somewhat speak to me.The topic of coping with illnesses and death can be a taboo topic and yet all of us will die one day. On the other hand, if we were given a life of immortality without pain and suffering, can we truly live? Will we appreciate our moments in life and the opportunities given to us? Or do we feel empty without a purpose?Indeed, this is not an easy question to answer.
I felt good after writing the poem. It gave me a different outlet to express my trauma and the experience I went through.
Below is the poem I have written :-
The Gas Explos…