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Are We Greedy And Guilty Malaysians?

A study has found that Malaysians are throwing away up to 930 tonnes of unconsumed food daily.

       Ironically, we Malaysians love food so why waste the one thing that we are known to love most?  The regular flurry of news reports on food shortages and the global food crisis have failed to alert us on the importance of being thrifty and humble to contribute towards sustaining global food supplies.

The multi-racial of Malaysian food is simply glorious. We are blessed with such diverse food options that spice up our daily food consumption. Perhaps such diversity has led to our insatiable appetite for food at one sitting which eventually leads to a huge costly waste. At any time of the day, any type of food is easily available.

      We now have more restaurants that serve fusion food, making us more impulsively greedy in making our selections. Go to any of these restaurants and you might have a hard time making up your mind on whether to have a plate of Chinese fried rice or Siz…

Bored Singaporean Homemaker Starts Talking To Herself

Hello, this is The Modern Homemaker again.
Ordinary Woman In An Extraordinary Situation
I hope you now know a bit more about me after having read my first blog entry here. I am a rather ordinary woman who now find myself in a rather extraordinary situation. Haha, what do I mean by that?
Previously, when I was working, life was all about work, work and work. However, since I stopped work to follow my husband to Beijing, life is now all about household chores and projects I love. Why do I then say I am in an extraordinary situation? Well, this is because I suddenly find myself in the privileged situation of having lots of free time to do all the things I have always wanted to do. I should be happy right? Yes I am now. But I wasn't doing so well initially...
The Nightmares
I started having nightmares every single night (almost) for nearly 3 months since I stopped work. I would often dream of ghost(s)/monster(s)/murderer(s) chasing me and would often wake up in a cold sweat. According to m…

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone, I am so excited to be given the chance to talk to you and be your friend on eHomemakers. 

Who am I?
My name is I-Ping and I am a 31 years old Singaporean lady. These days, I divide my time between Beijing and Singapore due to my husband’s work. Each is home to me. I love Beijing for its history, culture, optimism, space and vibrancy. I love Singapore because I grew up here and my family and friends are here. 

Muar, My Mother's Hometown I suppose you could call Malaysia my home too as my mother's family is from Malaysia. My mother's hometown is Muar, famous for (amongst other things) its yummy good food such as “otak-otak”, “or-luak”/”or-chien”, Hainanese chicken rice balls, char kway teow, Hokkien char hae mee, Bak Kut Teh and so much more! I could talk about it all day long. I found my calling to chatter at 31 and I do that a lot these days on The Modern Homemakers blog. The Modern Homemakers is about empowerment of Modern Homemakers through continuing educati…
This was totally accidental. I had a few friends over and had to make a dessert (never been happier seeing guests plunge their fork into it till the very last bit). My initial plan was to make a cream cheese-based dessert but sadly, there was no cheese left in the chiller. So with cream, leftover cakes and fruits, I had to whip up something. I grabbed my trifle bowl and began making what I had in mind...layers and layers of creamy fruitty cool dessert.

What you need:
1. Any leftover cakes or sponge cakes. I used chocolate swiss rolls. Slice them.

2. Fresh strawberries

3. Chocolate cream :

1 egg yolk, 40g caster sugar, 100g cooking chocolate/bittersweet finely chopped, 50ml water, 1 1/2 tsp gelatin powder, 250g whip cream (I normally used Rich brand)

- Sprinkle gelatin over water.
- Whisk 1 egg yolk + 40g caster sugar until pale and creamy. Double boil and keep whisking.
- Add chocolate and gelatin mixture to the bowl and stir until all is melted. Let cool a bit.
- Whip cream until sligh…