Opportunities for Malaysian Changemakers

My full-time job these days is working for Ashoka's Changemakers, an international social enterprise organization that brings people together online to find solutions for different social issues. We host a number of different competitions and I just wanted to share two opportunities that the eHomemakers crowd might be particularly well suited for:

Women | Tools | Technology: Building Opportunities & Economic Power
This competition focuses on innovations that enable women to use the power of technology to expand their opportunities for economic advancement. Obviously, I immediately thought of eHomemakers but I'm sure there are other organizations and individuals in the community who have great ideas for this competition. The deadline is April 14. More...

Leveraging Business for Social Change: Building the Field of Social Business
Changemakers and Artemisia are looking at how social business initiatives can thrive and scale-up their impact on quality of life. You have a little more time to enter this competition - the final deadline is June 9 - but if you enter by April 28, you have the chance to win a digital camera. More...

Good luck if you choose to enter and if you know of any other opportunities, please share them in the comments!


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