Communication Is The Big Secret

“She only ordered my products a year after I had met her,” explained the young entrepreneur.

“He didn’t need my services. But he did recommend them to his network of contacts,” declared another lady who had ventured out into the catering services on a small scale.

That’s what a couple of persons have told me over the past few months. You must be wondering what their secret to attracting customers is.

These are hardworking individuals who are passionate about their products and services. There is one other thing that I’ve noticed about them.

The way they communicate with people.

When they take up a booth at a small bazaar, they don’t just focus on a one-off sale. Its not just a “What is in it for me right now?” attitude.  

Instead they communicate well with buyers and those who are obviously just window-shopping for the day. These smart entrepreneurs ask the right questions, they offer suggestions and help, and take criticism with a smile.

Home entrepreneurs seem to be born with the skills to do all of these effortlessly. For others, they have to work hard at it. In reality, it is quite simple, if you follow a few basic steps.

In the past when I used to walk through Amcorp Mall during the weekends, I had often thought that some of the individuals taking care of the stalls could do with lessons on these basic steps. And that’s what I’m going to do next week. Start off with some basic steps that I know entrepreneurs will find useful.

See you next week! 


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