The Bali Escapade

         Hunting for local food has always been an important activity during my travels. I simply refuse to dwell on food calories when I'm away.

         My eating and sleeping schedules would go haywire. But luckily, the recent trip to Bali was with just friends. So my kids were not there to witness the mommy-breaks-the-rules-so-why-can't-we activities. 
         The scenic Bali island offers Balinese specialties that are simple yet delectable. One thing I savoured most was their soto ayam (Indonesian chicken soup). That one medium-sized bowl of broth was so complete and satisfying that other foods served there seemed unappealing.

         Though I was pretty startled at first when I noticed just how much things were thrown into the soup (fried sliced potatoes, tomatoes, shredded chicken, vegetables, eggs, tofu etc), I then realized that they had actually perfected the soup.

         My friends and I could not help smiling when we saw the neat petal-shaped piece of brown paper used to serve the rice (I wonder if other customers did pay attention to these details). The pergedils (beef patties) were moist and beefy (unlike some that are totally bland and starchy).

        The vege dish was as tasty as well. One minus point came from the drinks. I found the coffee too sweet and had this funny aftertaste. 


       Okay, that is not me in the picture. But it was perfect for this shot when the sun was about to set at Jimbaran beach. Sunset-viewing in Bali is a "must-have" itinerary not only for honeymooners, but for other nature lovers as well.

       We ourselves marveled at the beautiful golden glow across the sky. A stunning view, three cups of steaming hot local coffee and a plate of crunchy salted peanuts were all that we need to celebrate this joyous reunion of good old friends.

       When the whole area was lit by oil lamps, magic and romance instantly filled the air. There are not enough words to describe such mesmerizing view. 
       Till now, I find the pleasantly pungent aroma of our coffee and the sweet smell of sea breeze still linger on!



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