How to Spot Fakes?

We have finally decided to let go of our love for fakes. But what do we do about those fakes being disguised as the real thing? I have a friend who bid for a Prada clutch on eBay just to find out upon arrival that it was actually a ‘replica’. Yes, they use word like ‘replica’ these days. Maybe to make it sounds less obvious.

But not to worry because there are methods which can be used to spot the fakes.

1. The outrageously low prices. Like, hello?! You don’t get an original Fendi or D&G for 150 bucks for sure. The best thing to do is always check the price of the item from the official website of the brand. If the price offered to you is ridiculously low or lower than 30% of the original, it’s a surefire sign that you were about to add a counterfeit to your shopping cart.

2. Check the material and craftsmanship. If the leather feels like PVC instead of lambskin, then it’s not the real thing. Look closely at the stitching as well as the lining. Brands like Coach for instance, have serial numbers stamped on the inside of their bags, but the counterfeit normally will either leave out the serial number or just paint them onto the leather without creating an indentation into the fabric. Aside from that, if your Coach bag doesn’t have the microscopic letters “YKK,” embossed into the zipper, I hate to say this but it is counterfeit.

3. This one is a no brainer. Just be careful with where you buy the item. Street market? Come on! You don’t go to the street market to buy original watch, bag and shoes. Unless they’re used, most designer items are only available at their boutiques and official websites. And brands like Louis Vuitton for instance, never sell discounted items because they don’t do discount! So, if a friend came back from a holiday with her ‘discounted’ LV bag. You can be sure that it’s fake.

4. Most designer items come in proper packaging. Gucci shoes for instance, come with identification card, dust bag and original Gucci box. Counterfeit items on the other hand, always come in clear, cheap plastic bags.

5. And finally, always do your research. It’s best to go to websites like, and the official websites of the designers themselves to check the details of the product that you’re planning to buy. Style for instance, always have detail shots of handbags, shoes, and whatever new items showcased on the runway. Check the lining, stitches, logos, handle, buckle…everything! Just make sure that the thousands that you forked out is worth it.

Author: Yet Mee


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