Durian...Ohh Durian!

The season is here again!
I can see those beautiful spiny and spiky skin which promises the incredibly delicate, creamy and succulent pulp within, but as they say, ‘either you love it, or hate it’. For me, it’s one of the seasons I welcome most. The smell would still linger in the house even after hours the fruit was savoured by us. Obviously, its presence can be smelt within metres away, of which, to some can be extremely repulsive. I, on the other hand, find it addictive.
Nothing from this fruit would go to waste. Even the skin is normally used to repel insects and pests, particularly mosquitoes and rats. Under ripe durians makes lovely ‘bubur durian’. Overripe durians? Do not waste this as it can be further fermented to become ‘tempoyak’. The pulps that are just ripe can be eaten fresh or with accompaniments like sticky rice or bread.
The list of duiran-based desserts and dishes is endless. With a little bit creativity and innovation, you’ll get wonderful durian cakes, mousses, muffins and other scrumptious desserts. Since durians are in abundance where I live now, I find this durian chill cheesecake recipe simply irresistible!

Bottom layer:
Crumb crust for 9 inch pan (square or round)
250g crushed digestive cookies
90g butter melted
50g granulated sugar

Use a sponge sheet as the base instead of crumb crust.


300 g cream cheese, at room temperature
500 g durian flesh + 100ml warm water
2 tbsp gelatin powder + 100 ml cold water(in a bowl)
300g dairy or non-dairy whipping cream


1.    For the base, mix the sugar and crushed biscuits. Add melted butter to it and mix well. Press mixture into mould. I find using cake rings for chill cakes will result in smooth edges as unmoulding it will become effortless. Another option is to use sponge sheet as the base, preferably vanilla.

2.    Bloom the gelatin(which means sprinkle the gelatin on the water and wait until the water is soaked up by the gelatin) before heating it in the microwave to melt.

3.    Beat the cream cheese at slow speed until mixture is creamy and smooth.

4.    In the meantime, blend water and durian (use a blender or food processor). This will be the puree.

5.    Add the puree to the cheese mixture and mix well.

6.    Whip the cream until soft peak (DO NOT go beyond this stage as we do not want a stiff cream).

7.    Fold in cream into the durian mixture.

8.    Mix a little bit of mixture with the warm gelatin (about 3 spoonfuls of mixture). Mix well.

9.    Then fold the gelatin mixture to the rest of the cheese mixture.

10.   Pour onto the crust base. Smoothen the top with a spatula.

11.   Chill overnight or at least half a day. Cover the cake even as you chill as you do not want the durian smell permeating all other food in the fridge.

12.    Unmould and cut it using a warm blade. Serve plain or with whip cream as garnishing.

The big dollop of durian cheese filling on the base, to be levelled and smoothen.

Ready to be savoured!



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