Food As I See It...

When I was young, I had always been intrigued by what’s going on in my grandma’s big heavy clay pot over the fire, or the cake tin in my mom’s big black box which could be preheated, or even the stack of steamer pots in the kitchen that puffed away steam when it was heated.
Whatever put into any of these three equipment would certainly turn into a fabulous, scrumptious edible masterpiece that would leave us siblings salivating by just catching a whiff of those irresistibly delicious-looking delicacies (except for a few burnt, overcooked stuff which mainly resulted from the cook’s own carelessness or loss track of time).
As far as I can remember, I was completely clueless (but curious to know) of how those mouthwatering array of food on the table made its way there. 
Only when I started schoo did my mother let me (patiently let me) participate in the kitchen activities, especially during the festive seasons.
I had no inkling at that time that I was starting to venture into an exciting world that is a combination of Science (e.g. how baking powder works), Art (e.g. how to make and paint sugar flowers) and Statistics (e.g. how much rice is needed to feed 10 people for tonight’s dinner?). I started falling in love with food and kept wanting for more.
Eventually, my passion in baking and cooking had successfully triumphed over my 8-years commitment to the government (of which I never regret) and propelled me into my current involvement in food-related activities.
Besides, being self-employed and working from home means more time spent with my family.
I just had to leave school and college to focus on a more meaningful and joyous journey that also consists of miles of walks and aches in the kitchen.
This does not include the tests and trials that were seen as a seriously wasteful effort by some (as some failures involved such expensive Valrhorna chocolates and mascarpone), but were simply worthy and rewarding experience in my opinion.
So here I am, sharing my success and failures, recipes and views with all readers out there, and to connect with those who have the same interest, and also to keep myself sane by writing about something that actually makes sense!


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