Are We Greedy And Guilty Malaysians?


       A study has found that Malaysians are throwing away up to 930 tonnes of unconsumed food daily.

       Ironically, we Malaysians love food so why waste the one thing that we are known to love most?  The regular flurry of news reports on food shortages and the global food crisis have failed to alert us on the importance of being thrifty and humble to contribute towards sustaining global food supplies.

      The multi-racial of Malaysian food is simply glorious. We are blessed with such diverse food options that spice up our daily food consumption. Perhaps such diversity has led to our insatiable appetite for food at one sitting which eventually leads to a huge costly waste. At any time of the day, any type of food is easily available.

      We now have more restaurants that serve fusion food, making us more impulsively greedy in making our selections. Go to any of these restaurants and you might have a hard time making up your mind on whether to have a plate of Chinese fried rice or Sizzling Lamb Chop because the striking pictures in the menu send you drooling over them right away. Eventually, you ordered both items. The reality is you can't clean your plate even before the dessert arrives. Such a waste.

      Simplicity and balance are what missing in our meals. A balanced diet for a normal Malay family may consist of a plate of rice, a vegetable dish and a main dish (chicken curry, chili beef etc).

      Sometimes, when the main dish is dry, soup is served. Dessert is optional. Perhaps a bowl of porridge for lunch with some condiments? A plain sandwich would also suffice for any meal of the day. Why not? Such items are healthy, simple and economical, reducing the amount of leftover which might end up in the garbage bin. 

      We definitely do not want to pay the price for our own greed and selfishness. It's time we find ways to reduce food waste in our landfills and become a more conscious food consumers. Malaysia boleh or tak boleh?



  1. Hi Mynn, I agree with you. Food wastage is such a sin. It is especially true in Chinese meals. Chinese people just like to order in excess. It is a culture thing partly. But we should adapt our culture according to the needs of our world shouldn't we?


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