This was totally accidental. I had a few friends over and had to make a dessert (never been happier seeing guests plunge their fork into it till the very last bit). My initial plan was to make a cream cheese-based dessert but sadly, there was no cheese left in the chiller. So with cream, leftover cakes and fruits, I had to whip up something. I grabbed my trifle bowl and began making what I had in mind...layers and layers of creamy fruitty cool dessert.

What you need:
1. Any leftover cakes or sponge cakes. I used chocolate swiss rolls. Slice them.

2. Fresh strawberries

3. Chocolate cream :

1 egg yolk, 40g caster sugar, 100g cooking chocolate/bittersweet finely chopped, 50ml water, 1 1/2 tsp gelatin powder, 250g whip cream (I normally used Rich brand)

- Sprinkle gelatin over water.
- Whisk 1 egg yolk + 40g caster sugar until pale and creamy. Double boil and keep whisking.
- Add chocolate and gelatin mixture to the bowl and stir until all is melted. Let cool a bit.
- Whip cream until slightly firm. Fold chocolate mixture into it. Set aside.

4. Strawberry cream
250g strawberry, 60 g caster sugar, 2tbsp orange juice, 2tsp powdered gelatin, 300g whip cream
- Mash strawberries with sugar. Add orange juice to it. Put in a pot.
- Sprinkle gelatin over it. Heat pot. Stir until mixture thickens a bit. Let cool for a while.
- Whip cream to medium peak. Fold strawberry mixture into it. Set aside.

Assembling the dessert,
Layer 1 - cake + fresh strawberries
Layer 2 - Chocolate cream
Layer 3 - Cake
Layer 4 - Strawberry cream
Layer 5 - Cake
Layer 6 - Strawberry cream
Topping - fresh strawberries and grated chocolate

All done!


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