Club Med: An Experience

Beautiful beaches, endless flow of food, and the smiles of friendly people at every turn. A week at Club Med is indeed a great getaway from the dull routine life of KL. The usual smell of exhaust from the wayyyyy too many cars replaced by crisp clear air heavy with sea salt, the constant crashing of waves in the distant, and the beautiful green fields truly delight the senses.

Apart from just a good break though, the past week here at Club Med really has been amazing. For starters, I've had a chance to try a bunch of thing pretty hard to come by in KL, else they're just far too expensive for me. From sailing to rock climbing to the TreeTop Challenge (Club Med's version of Sky Treks), the activities available definitely did keep me busy, challenged and well entertained. The highlight of among them would be the Trapeze. Swinging around and posing in mid-air is a lot harder that it looks, not that it looks easy to start with. Just today, my knees slipped off the Trapeze bar sending me into an uncontrolled freefall. Fortunately the safety net below caught me face first with no major injuries. Of course now I'm limping around the resort, but it's all good and I'll definitely be swinging again tomorrow.

The party scene in Club Med is also pretty amazing! Some how they’ve managed to incorporate, house music, dancing, and free flow of alcoholic while making the whole experience kid friendly! The best part is, these parties happen EVERY NIGHT! The evening I arrived at Club Med, the club had organized a foam party! It was incredibly fun playing around in the suds with friends and a whole bunch of kids! With the music pumping and everyone having a great time, it was a very memorable first foam party for a lot of us, the bulk of the group being children.

Foam Party on the first day I arrived there.

The people I got to meet here at Club Med are also amazing. A large part of the Club Med staff are called Gentle Organisers (G.O.), they're basically the front line of the resort when it comes to dealing with customers. These G.O.s run the activities, main reception, bar, boutique, just about everything customers go to. Considering the long hours they work, it really blows my mind how these guys can constantly keep a smile and operate at such high energy. It must be really taxing to be dancing and entertaining tourist till midnight, only to wake up and lead a yoga class at 8a.m. the following day, yet these G.O.s do it with wide smiles. Also what's really amazing about the G.O.s is the diversity within their team. Everyone's from a different country and background with a different story to tell. Talking to the G.O.s, it gives you a new perspective on things and sort of makes you feel like a small pawn in a very large but connected world.

Over all the Club Med experience was one I really enjoyed, and should I get another chance like that, I’d jump on board immediately!

Devraj Sathivelu 


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