Delegation Enables Others to Grow

One of the ways to keep oneself effective is to use the power of delegation. Delegation allows executives time to focus on more urgent tasks and also develops creativity in juniors. What then is the hurdle in doing so?

Many executives find it rather difficult to delegate. One of the reasons is lack of confidence. Some feel insecure and fear that their juniors would perform better and that they may lose their importance. In addition they fear that their control over their staff might get eroded.

Another reason is over-confidence. Some individuals over estimate their capacity and do the routine tasks which consume a lot of their time. Their managerial job of planning, organizing, coordinating and control suffers.

Some seniors fear that their juniors may not do the job well or make mistakes for which they may be held accountable.

Sometimes, managers are not clear about the essence of delegation. This calls for clarity about the distinction between power, authority, responsibility and accountability.

Delegation means vesting of authority so that the more you delegate, the more your juniors deliver in terms of innovations and creativity. It leads to their growth and development, increase in personal pride, job satisfaction and overall efficiency.

Extracted from 'Self Empowerment' by Bridget Menezes (Malaysian author)


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