Thursday, August 9, 2018

Genetic Test

I had to change my obstetrician because of the way she insisted I had to do Caesarean. My husband and myself preferred natural birth. Yet we were speaking to a wall with the doctor’s insistence. 
That due to my age of 45 years old, I am considered as an advance maternal age. A high-risk pregnancy. Caesarean was the only option. Her way or no way.

Well, then. No way. We went to seek alternate doctors who are pro-natural-birth. Asked for friends’ advice and Google for reviews. It’s common practice in Kuala Lumpur, doctors appeared to suggest more towards Caesarean. Even mothers at early 30s. 

I managed to shortlist a few. Yet which should I go to?

I decided to meditate and pray for clarity.

After I finished my prayers, I became drawn to a lady doctor. I had strong feelings towards this lady’s photo in the hospital website although it’s the first time I saw her face. Had read a few blogs with good experiences with this doctor as well. 

I decided to make arrangements to have the first appointment. 

Upon our meeting, I could not help liking her. Her motherly demeanour, her patience and her gentle voice. 
“Why did you come to me? Since you already have another doctor.”

I took a deep breath, stared at her in the eyes and responded, “I heard you are pro-natural.”

A smile. Though her face displayed a slight hesitancy when mentioned on my age. That it’s my first baby. She encouraged me to take genetic test considering my age. We opted for NICC, Non-invasive chromosomes Check. Which I understand is a lot safer compared to amniocentesis. This NICC test required mother’s blood to be extracted. Fetal DNA can be detected in the mother’s blood for analysis. In the previous doctor’s clinic, it costs around RM2500. 

To our surprise, we were billed RM1590 at this new doctor’s. A big difference indeed. 

A few days before the results came, whenever I meditate I would suddenly see a vision of myself chasing after a baby. He/she was running ahead of me. “Patrick!! Patrick!!” He ignored me and continued running. His buttock showed a colourful looking diaper. 

Whenever I came out from the meditation, I asked myself - am I having a boy? In almost every meditation, I keep seeing the same visions. Kept hearing myself calling for Patrick.

When the nurse called me, she told me the test reveals it’s all low risk to birth defects. That I would be having a baby boy. 

I shared with my husband of the results and of my meditative vision. We decided to name our baby Patrick. 
Gently I touched my bump.

“Patrick…that is your name. Patrick. You will see daddy and mummy later.”

As if in response, some movement in my womb and some feelings I could feel from within. I know it comes from Patrick.

We will see you soon, Patrick. 

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