Friday, August 10, 2018

Management of pregnancy symptoms

Usually I rely upon meditation as a way to see clarity in the situation I am in, to see clearly of myself. Only through calmness can one see possibilities and answers and not fears covering especially our common sense.
I relied upon meditation to calm myself. It’s my daily practice so that I can see clearly of the situation and of the person interacting with me. With Calmness and Clarity, lesser chances of mistakes in making decisions. Lesser chances of misunderstanding as well.

When I reached to a level of Calmness, I came to realisation that my pregnancy symptoms are due to my body unused to the new sensations and stress of having a new life in me. In order to have a smoother transition, I need to calm down my body. 

It came to me, doing qigong, some physical exercises and meditation including prayers would be good for my wellness.

I tried. The symptoms of phlegm overproduction eventually ceased in a few weeks. I have heard that one sister in law had excess saliva production until she gave birth. She constantly needed to throw out saliva. I don’t like the idea of enduring phlegm overproduction until giving birth. That would be almost 8 months of phlegm ahead. If considering that I carry my baby to full term. 

Luckily, my daily exercises and practices eventually cause some symptoms to disappear and limit some others. 
I also found my appetite have increased as well. Because of that, I ate more supper. I started indulging in fast food like McDonald’s and A & W almost nightly for supper. Unfortunately, this was a poor decision of mine that made me pay the price.

I recalled during months of May - June, daily heartburn. Would be different degrees of pain. Which I managed to relieve by drinking kefir or take gastric medication. Sometimes this worked. Sometimes it just lessened the pain. Along the way, Ket reasoned that chia seeds might assist. So I tried. Turned out it usually assisted in lessening the symptoms of heartburn but did not cure completely.

I immediately stopped taking fast food and sought alternative food as supper. Took me almost 2 months before heartburn no longer affect me.

Because of heartburn, it affected my sleeping posture as well. I found myself unable to sleep on my left. So usually I had to sleep on my right side. Until my body weight caused me to have difficulty in breathing. I found myself forced to sleep upright towards end of my second trimester until given birth.

My original weight was at 47kg before pregnancy. On the day of Caesarean, I was 67kg. It caused a lot of inconveniences especially physical pain.

In fact, it was daily pain for me, of different degrees. On a good day, I could hardly feel any physical pain. On a bad day, it can be excruciating, and my breath can be affected. 

I still try to rely on meditation to release my stress. It does assist, but my weight continued to give me stress once the calmness wears off in due time. 

My poor husband would face an irritable wife, more than usual. Whenever I felt he could not empathise with me, I would highlight the level of physical pain I was enduring. 

Besides meditation, I also relied on prenatal massage, which helped greatly to release tension in my body, although temporarily. 

Overall, it was not an easy pregnancy to go through, with heightened physical senses and daily physical pain.
It was quite a new challenge for me, to meditate in this new state. At the same time, I kept waking up a few times in the night due to hunger. So, usually my sleep would be only a few hours (three hours at maximum). I will usually catch up on my sleep during day time. 

When I did not have sufficient catching up in rest, I would find myself falling sick. So, I would constantly remind myself to relax more. Destress more. 

As the months approached the end of third trimester, I just could not wait for the pregnancy to end!

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