Thursday, August 9, 2018

Oh, my pregnancy - Part 1

Why was I reluctant to believe I was pregnant? In the year of 2017, I was 45 years old. Chances to conceive naturally is very slim. Especially for the first child. 

I had always wanted to have a family with my first husband. Although married for more than five years, it did not come to fruition. I was disappointed and abandoned the idea. Disappointment did carry deep in me which I chose to ignore for many years. I distracted myself in other matters. Having a family became almost a forgotten memory. 

To my surprise with my second husband, I found myself pregnant in less than a year of our marriage. Both of us are practical people. We are aware that at my age, chances to naturally conceive especially for a first child is very slim.  

My pregnancy was confirmed by the loud fetal heartbeats during the ultrasound scan. 

“Is it possible to hear heartbeats so early???”

We could not believe it. 

And where was the baby?

The obstetrician’s finger pointed at a particular area of my womb.

My eyes searched for a recognisable baby form but none was there.

Both myself and my husband were puzzled until the doctor explained at this stage the signs of a sac was indication of pregnancy has happened. 

Both of us were excited while the doctor was cool. 

The doctor estimated it’s between 4-5 weeks old. 

We could not believe it.

I am finally pregnant!

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