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Beware of Scammers

“Earn Rm500-5000 per week. No experience needed.” Bold in red font, I read the email from a stranger through the preview pane. The company’s address was in Cheras, KL, the same one I read about in a Chinese newspaper advertisement for working at home jobs. It was also the same one that several members of eHomemakers complained about in the website’s Forum Board on scams . Another e-mail screamed, “Earn passive income! Stay home and let the money keep rolling in! Only fools work hard. Smart people join our scheme and let others work for you!” The tell-tale signs of a pyramid scheme were there: promise of sky-high profits for a small amount of effort, sellers and buyers have to recruit new sellers and buyers to keep the scheme growing. And the product sold was more expensive than what I could get in the shop! The legitimate company with the ‘largest global network’ used a free yahoo mail instead of its own company mail. Another email thanked me for answering a job advertisement even