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Opportunities for Malaysian Changemakers

My full-time job these days is working for Ashoka's Changemakers , an international social enterprise organization that brings people together online to find solutions for different social issues. We host a number of different competitions and I just wanted to share two opportunities that the eHomemakers crowd might be particularly well suited for: Women | Tools | Technology: Building Opportunities & Economic Power This competition focuses on innovations that enable women to use the power of technology to expand their opportunities for economic advancement. Obviously, I immediately thought of eHomemakers but I'm sure there are other organizations and individuals in the community who have great ideas for this competition. The deadline is April 14. More... Leveraging Business for Social Change: Building the Field of Social Business Changemakers and Artemisia are looking at how social business initiatives can thrive and scale-up their impact on quality of life. You have

The Importance of Tabloids and the Stay-at-Home Writer by Avantika

Friend: What’s that you’re reading? Avantika: A magazine. Friend: I can see that. But which magazine? Avantika: Just a magazine. You know I read anything and everything I can lay my hands on. Friend: What do you mean just a magazine? What’s the name? Why such a secret? Avantika: No-lah. No secret. Just shy to tell you. Friend: So, which one is it? Avantika: Errr … Hello! magazine. Friend: W-h-a-t? Avantika: Don’t shriek! I knew you would react badly. Stop laughing at me. Friend: OK. OK. I’ll stop now. But, do you know how funny it is? I mean, you the oh-so-serious-writer reading a Hello! magazine. And what else do you have here? What? The Daily Mail and tabloids? What’s wrong with you? Avantika: I told you why I read these magazines. They help me in my writing. What I’ve listed above is an actual conversation I had with one of my friends just last week. Ever since I was in college, I’ve been reading the tabloids and also what others call ‘trashy’ magazines. I have ben

eHomemakers Profiled by International Development Research Centre

I just wanted to draw your attention to a few great features on the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) site. First is a short profile of eHomemakers and its basket weaving program and the second is a case study by eHomemakers' founder Chong Sheau Ching in which she shares her experiences leading the company. And while we're on the topic of women and technology, check out the report " Bridging the Gender Divide: How Technology Can Advance Women Economically " by the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). It's a great read and just in time for International Women's Day .

Presupposition and the Stay-at-Home Writer by Avantika

Anthony Robbins wrote: ‘The specific words we select and the very order of the words that we use in a question can cause us not to even consider certain things while taking others for granted. For example, during election campaign people were asked, “Does it bother you that Dan Quayle used his family’s influence to go to the National Guard and stay out of Vietnam?” People actually believed this. They never questioned it. No such fact was ever substantiated. Don’t fall into the trap of accepting presuppositions. Just last month, I had a visit from a family friend. She is not someone I particularly respect nor is she someone admire; however, she wanted to know about my writing career. I tried to tell her about it. But the conversation didn’t go well. The presuppositions she made about my life made me boil at the time. I’ve recounted the conversation below. I wonder what your reaction will be. . . Ignorant Person: Avantika, can I ask you something personal? Avantika: Y-e-s? Ignoran

Building Communities Half-Way Around the World and Nice to Meet You

Or perhaps the other way around.... Before I get started, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Alexis and I'll be writing occasionally on social enterprise issues for the eHomemakers blog. I've been working/volunteering in digital media and marketing for the past five years and I also have experience in harm reduction health outreach. I'm looking forward to sharing my perspective from the United States while learning more about the challenges and joys of doing business in Southeast Asia. I've recently been exploring the eHomemakers website and corresponding with its founder. In case you're not familiar with eHomemakers (although considering you're reading this blog, you must be somewhat familiar), they are based out of Kuala Lumpur and they provide networking, support, and an online community to women who work from home. What I love about their philosophy is their focus on empowering women economically while understanding the cultural and personal obli