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I Need To Tell My Story by Avantika

Introduction  “When are you going to write my book?” The flippant way Sara spoke made me wonder if she was joking and I laughed in reply. But she was persistent and several days later, I received an email from her. This time, she wrote, ‘You know, I’ve done some crazy things in my life.’ It piqued my interest and I agreed to meet her to discuss all the work she would need to do. Also, by then, she’d changed her mind and decided that she would write the story herself. After a few false starts, I decided to guide Sara through the entire process of working on her story. I took notes as we went through the entire process. When it was over, I compiled all my notes and wrote a series of articles about all I had shared with her and what she had learnt. These are the articles which I will now share with you. There are ten articles altogether. Published on a weekly basis, they will, effectively, tell of Sara’s journey to completing her story. We start with vital preparation that all write