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Life After Liver Transplant

It has been almost half a year since my last blog. There were many moments we have experienced as  a family. The good times, the worrying times. The blessings and gratitude.  We reached Renji Hospital, Shanghai, China in the middle of June 2019. We stayed for almost 6 weeks; from preparation for the liver transplant surgery, surgery, ICU and recovery stage.  Patrick's surgery scheduled on 2 July 2019. The surgery was successful with no complications. Immediately after the surgery, they send him to ICU. After almost a week, he was  discharged to normal ward.  We get to observe his progress in the ICU by the doctors' daily photo taking to us. Seeing his face made us feel comforted. There were moments I am concerned Patrick will get scared to where he was and that he may have thoughts we abandon him. I prayed for his safe recovery in ICU, hoping it would not be too long. I have heard there was one baby after his liver transplant surgery who needed to be in ICU for two

Voices 2019

After starting this blog, I realised I need to improve my writing. I have always felt that my writing lacks a certain oomph. Last month, I spotted this on Facebook:-                What captured my attention - emerging or aspiring women writers!  Should I try it out? I hesitated. A little voice spoke to me inside my head, give it a shot, what do you have to lose? The most they would not select you as a participant.  Fearing that I may change my mind, I hurriedly copied and edited a few articles that I had earlier wrote on this blog and tried my luck. After submitting, anxiety began to creep in. What did I do?  Once again the little voice said, never mind, it is done. Don’t worry about it. Last day for submission was on the 2nd October 2019, it would also be the day of the decision. I submitted on the 1st October 2019. The next day, I received an e-mail with the heading "[VOICES 2019] CONGRATS ! You have been selected". My heart was racing as I