Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Do It La, You Are So Free!


I really really really hate it when people say to me "You do it la, you are so free!"

They don't understand that working at home is REAL WORK. They think I am shaking legs at my desk when the reality is that I work very hard you know. Just because I work from home in my pajamas doesn't make me FREE!!!

Do you work from home too? Do you get this kind of treatment too: 

(1) your friends and relatives don't think you do real work because you work from home; 

(2) your other half thinks you should do all the house admin because you are home all the time; 

(3) you don't have free time for yourself because you have too many things to do; 

(4) you keep getting distracted by friends who want to ask you out for afternoon tea in the middle of the day; and 

(5) you find yourself working a lot because the computer is always nearby. 

Siaaaaaaan right. 

BUT I really enjoy working from home! So I don't really care what other people think. This is how I treat "evil people" who think I don't do much work: 

(1) I ignore them as I am too sick of trying to explain what internet work is about; 

(2) I slack off on the house admin stuff I can slack off on; 

(3) I try to make small pockets of time for myself where I don't do work and just stare into space (haha no no I read magazines and surf hmmm but this is still related to work stuff); 

(4) I ignore friends who keep bugging me I just have no time; and 

(5) I try to make time for relaxation by watching mindless TV. 

So there, my battle plan against "evil people". What is your battle plan??? Let me know! 



Happy CNY


Happy Chinese New Year to those of you celebrating.

Hope you are not too tired from the celebrations. Do you guys celebrate the full 15 days? 

Well, I don't! These days, I find it tiring celebrating even on the second day. In fact, this is my first year ever in my 31 years of existence that I stayed at home on the second day. My parents usually go back to Malaysia to celebrate on second day so that leaves me free to do as I please. 

I must say that it is really awesome to be able to not have to visit relatives on the second day. I got to chill out and spent the day with my husband instead. 

Although I had a great time, I shall make sure I visit relatives on the second day of CNY next year as well. Certain traditions just need to be maintained isn't it! 

Anyway, there was a DOUBLE RAINBOW a day before CNY eve! I take that as a sign of prosperity!!!

So I hereby wish all of you a fantastic 2012 and may all of us strive to succeed in whatever we are doing. 

Can You See The Faint 2nd Rainbow???

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Recent Cooking Escapade

       December is a perfect opportunity for me to spend time in a little self-indulgence. It's the month with the least stress and not much running around doing errands and household chores.

      And since the kids are away at holiday camps during the recent December school holidays, I decided to go for a cooking escapade in Saigon Cooking Class in Vietnam. It was an unforgettably interesting experience and what I love about their cooking is the abundant use of fresh herbs and vegetables. Among the recipes that I learned there were fresh sweet and tangy salad and spring roll.    

     I never expected that water spinach would be used to make the salad.  Although I have cooked and prepared water spinach in many ways, I discovered that all these years I have wasted the stem when it could easily be made into this wonderful Asian sweet and tangy salad. Such a waste! I also discovered that there is this simple, yet effective kitchen gadget to split the water spinach stem. I regret buying only one coz I'm sure that my sister would also agree that it is one of the best kitchen tools ever!

Water spinach stems

Using the splitter...never ever attempt to remove the round plastic top for the blades might cut your finger 

Dunk the shredded stems into a bowl of iced water

Adding the sauce

The salad...hot and tangy
      The next Vietnamese dish that I simply love is Goi Cuon (Vietnamese spring roll). Made of the thinnest rice paper I've ever seen, this dish is served cool to the touch with peanut sauce. The filling is made up of rice vermicelli, salad, herbs, prawns and spring onion.

      The dip is made of peanut butter, fish sauce, hoisin sauce, salt, chili powder and crushed roasted peanuts. It is delightfully simple yet tasty and I could eat this everyday. 
Arrange the filling neatly on the translucent rice paper, then roll it

Ready to eat

        Apart from the simplicity and healthiness of the above dishes, they are a great way to get kids to eat fresh vegetables!