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I Must! I Must! I Must Control My Fluid Intake!!!

After countless warnings from the nurses about my fluid intake (read : ice-cold water) and spending about 3 to 4 months at the top of the heaviest patients list, I've finally decided to get serious with myself and not take my good health for granted. You see, dialysis patients like myself can't afford to keep extracting 4 kilos every time we dialyse. It will weaken our hearts because our hearts have to work harder, the more fluid is extracted from us. In most dialysis centers, the maximum that can be extracted is 4 kilos. So, yes, I'm a very naughty girl! I used to be a good patient, I would only gain 2 plus or 3 plus kilos every time. I don't know what's got into me, I guess I was thinking : "What the heck! Everyone dies sooner or later, I might as well have a good time drinking ice-cold drinks in this hot climate!". Which is of course, very wrong and foolhardy of me. I guess that after being on dialysis for 6 years, I'm beginning to get a li