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New Year Resolutions

Hello everyone! How was your Xmas? I had a wonderful one! I invited family over to my place on Xmas day and boxing day. It is so great to catch up with family. Everyone is usually too busy during the year to catch up properly. I suppose quality time spent with loved ones over the holiday season is always magical.  Now that Xmas is over, we have 2012 to look forward to. Have you made any resolutions? I have stopped making them for a long long time. But this year is different. I shall make some resolutions that I intend to keep:  (1) I shall successfully make a career transition now that I have decided to leave my previous job.  (2) I shall be motivated and focused in whatever I do. (3) I shall never let myself down in whatever I do and always reach for the stars.  Me At New Year's Eve Countdown 2010 In Tokyo. Can You Spot Me? These resolutions give me a reason to look forward to a brand new year. They also help me shape my vision for myself for the coming year. If you have a

Pot Of Gold At The End Of Every Rainbow

Hello everyone :) Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I haven't. Oops.  ( This photo is taken by Hiking Artist and registered under a Creative Commons License ) Anyway, I have been MIA for a bit because I am cramming my head with a lot of learning. For those of you who don't know me, I really like to learn new things. Hah! It's like a hobby gone wrong (?) as I have this burning desire to learn all I can about things which interest me.  Things which interest me these days - personal development, website creation and writing. After so many years, I have finally found things which truly inspire me. It's yaye all the way!  However, there's always the truth to face at the end of the day - interests vs reality. If I can't find a way to make money from my interests, I will have to face reality and go back to work! Well, I am giving myself another 6 months to swim in my interests.  What about you? Do you face the same problem of having to balance your int