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Attending A Toastmasters Meeting

I read the message again. My mind contemplated on whether I should attend.   I was a member of Toastmasters International for over 10 years before my accident in 15 th April 2016.   I have fond memories of my club, Bayan Baru Toastmasters Club. It is a public speaking club, to improved communication and leadership skills. A senior member has invited me to attend as a guest.   When I was at the burn ward, I remembered telling a member that I will only return when I can walk by myself into the meeting room.   It has been 3 years since the explosion and I can walk again. Looks like it is about time for me to make my appearance. I wanted company, I asked another ex-member whether she wanted to attend. She agreed and on the said day, picked me up from my home. As we entered through the door of the meeting room, the Registrar of the day greeted us. Someone whom I have not met before. The room still looks the same. The chairs and

Rose Infused Oil

In my last article Roses Are Yellow, Red And Pink , I was experimenting on rose infused oil with the roses in my garden. After keeping the 2 bottles of oil for a month in the cupboard. I have decided to sieved the content of one bottle. Peering inside the jar, I was happy that there were no traces of fungus growing. If it was moldy, I would have to throw the whole jar away. Put the strainer above the funnel After sieving, the colour of the oil puzzled me. It looks almost the same, just a slightly darker shade of yellow. I messaged a friend for his opinion and saw other videos on rose infused oil. It would seem that the colour of the rose is non-soluble in oil.  I used a cloth coffee strainer                                                                                  Petals of red roses I tested a few drops of the newly infused oil on a small area of my skin. There was no irritation. The oil felt light and easily absorbed by my skin. Was the

Roses Are Yellow, Red And Pink

The weather had been scorching hot. Sun shining brightly, not a cloud in sight. I noticed that there was an abundance of roses in my garden. Yellow, red and pink. They seem to sprang overnight.   What a waste of roses after they die out. Wouldn’t it be great if I can use them for something? Suddenly, I had an idea. I will infused the roses into the oils I have been using for my skin. They are free from pesticides and considered organic. So why not? Roses contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help moisturised the skin and improved complexion.  Rose essential oil is considered as one of the most expensive oils in the world as over 5,000 rose petals are needed just to make one pound of oil.  Even though I am only making rose infused oil and not essential oils, I hope to bring out the benefits of the roses through the infusion process. After reading a few articles, I took the easiest method. Sun dry the roses, pluck the petals and immerse them w