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Going Back To Work

“Eileyn, it is time to update your blog,” my sister told me. Even though it was annoying to hear it from her, I knew she was right. A few of my friends have been wondering why I stopped writing for a few months and whether anything has happened to me.  I assured them that everything was alright . I had started working again.  Just a few years ago, I didn’t think I would go back to work anymore. Being i mm obile in the ICU, I had plenty of time to think.   It was the only thing I could do.  Did I have a happy life before the explosion? Was my life worth it? Will I ever be able to get out of hospital?  So many things ran through my mind. As I reflected on my life, I remember having feelings of regret that I spent too much time at work.  I told myself when I am well again; I didn’t want to go back to the same job anymore. I have lost interest in it.  It didn’t just happen after the burn. I have been losing interest even before the burn. It was in the ICU t