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Movement Control Order From The View Of A Burn Survivor

When the government announced a 14-day Movement Control Order (MCO) throughout Malaysia because of the coronavirus, chaos and panic happened at the supermarkets, despite the government’s assurance of enough food and daily necessities.             The government thought that the message was clear, everyone to stay home, social distancing from one another. However, on the 1 st day itself, some defied the MCO and continued with their merry ways, not taking this pandemic seriously. Now, day 14th has passed, and the government has extended the MCO until the 14th of April as the numbers of those infected within the country become higher.            This is not the first time I am being confined to a place, like a bridge between two stories, I can’t help but to compare and connect it to my post-burn care experience.  The feeling of isolation, uncertainty for the future, unpredictability, anxiety, hopelessness, not being in control, fear, confusion regarding the situation a

International Women's Day 2020

International Women's Day is here once more. Some celebrated it. Some feel should not as a celebration of womanhood should be everyday. To me, these days can be served as a reminder to us.  We can be preoccupied with our responsibilities, activities, our families and of life that we sometimes even forget our own birthday.  Today I reflected on the women who have impacted me. Because of these women, they inspired me to write a woman song in 2018. Women Song sang on 8 March 2020, dedicated to all  women readers here. I wrote it in 2018.  There are so many women out there who made a big impact on me over the years since a teenager until today. Let me list them whom I can remember offhand:- 1) Anne Subashini - founder of The Inclusive Outdoor Classroom . I have the privilege to get to know her since drum circle days. Her passion is infectious. Her faith, her belief that there should be no division between children no matter of their backgrounds, no matter of their health

Helping Out A Fellow Burn Survivor

Many do not understand the pain and suffering that a burn survivor goes through, sometimes it may continue for years from the initial burn incident. The complications of wound healing and also contracture sometimes get into the way of healing and makes it difficult for a burn survivor to lead a normal life. Treatment and managing the after effect of burns can be a lifelong process.  Furthermore, burn care is one of the most complicated and expensive treatment at the hospital.  Fatimah nearly died in a fire at 6 years old. Since then, she has gone through numerous surgeries throughout her young life. Despite the challenges and odds against her, Fatimah entered high school and continued with her studies at the University of St. Thomas. However, her studies were often disrupted with her medical needs. Fatimah is a kind and caring lady who often shares her experiences with newer burn survivors on how to cope with their burn injuries. Although she has her own life challenges,