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   I am happy to announce that I would be collaborating with 2 of my friends for a special project. Why are we collaborating? Because we have our own unique stories to tell. The challenges and difficulties that we face may be different and yet our vision is the same. Now with the Covid-19 pandemic and the problems that is going around the world, we hope to inspire others not to give up hope especially when the going gets tough.   Who are my collaborators? Let me introduce them:-   1. Elena Tong *    Entrepreneur - Founder of Hantu Is Cooking Kitchen / Hatiku is Cooking Ventures *  Emcee for WIEN Group Bazaars 2020 & 2021 * Creates Blessed Art since 2020 * Taylor's-CIMB Islamic Program Keusahawanan Trainer 2018 & 2019 Elena had always been intrigued in making a difference. She started her journey in the education industry since 2008. Her exploration led her to experience education through the eyes of several education institutions, the non-profit / social ent

Hello Vietnam

       On   04/05/2021, I was invited by Jen Vuhuong, who is based in Vietnam for an appearance on Facebook Live and podcast.      The first time I met her was more than 7 years ago, I remember her as a determined and gutsy young lady. Someone who pushes her boundary to try new things and bravely travel to foreign places without knowing anyone there.      It was interesting to note how both of us have grown throughout the years since the first time we met.      I am honoured that she considers me as her first mentor.      A recording of the talk:- Facebook Live      Website: Rising From The Ashes