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Chevening Writers Series

             The first time I saw the poster, I asked myself whether I should apply. Writing fiction isn’t exactly what I do. Also, with the Covid-19 pandemic going around, is taking part in a workshop with others a good idea?  However, as I am writing my memoir, I thought it would be fun to apply and just see where it would take me. Besides, there are not many writing workshops in Penang which are fully sponsored for beginners. It might also be a good opportunity for me to meet up with other writers.   I submitted my one and only fiction. I wrote it in 2018 whilst I was bored staying at home. If I am not mistaken, I was still recovering from one of my surgeries at that time.  On the 5th October 2020, as I opened an email from Nutmag:- Thank you for your application to the Chevening Writers Series. I am delighted to confirm your place for the full series, Fiction Track.                      Yay! I made it! On the first day of attendance, I was happy that the Standard Operat