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Benefits Of Taking A Break From Work

In my earlier post, I recommended taking a break from work.  Here are its benefits:  1. clears your mind and allows you to find your purpose in life;  2. you become more aware of why you do certain things in life and you find meaning in doing them;  3. you learn to eliminate certain things you have been doing in life, which do not serve much useful purpose for you and your family; 4. you have the time to do all the things you have always wanted to do but never had the time to do; and  5. you get to spend more time with your family!  Yaye,  The Modern Homemaker 

Taking A Break From Work

I recommend taking a break from work. "Sabbatical" as some call it.  But I don't recommend taking a break from work if you don't have a fallback plan and you are usually an organised and systematic person.  If you are usually orgnanised and systematic and you are suddenly left with no routine to keep you occupied, you may feel very unsettled and unhappy.  Thus before you make that decision to take a break from work, perhaps look around for a fallback plan first. It need not be in the form of work. It can just be a routine. Perhaps volunteer work a few times a week. Or indulge in a hobby on a regular basis.  Sometimes keeping yourself occupied can be harder than it seems.  Yours truly,  The Modern Homemaker  ( The Modern Homemakers blog )