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Read More About eHomemakers' Mobile Banking Projects

eHomemakers recently entered a competition called " Women | Tools | Technology: Building Opportunities & Economic Power " hosted by Ashoka's Changemakers (where I work). The project they pitched involves expanding mobile-banking services to rural women, which addresses a number of issues that this group faces: finding work, getting paid, and supporting themselves. Utilizing the specific mobile technology that eHomemakers describes in their entry, women will receive work orders from a coordinator and final payments for their work through their mobile phones. The entry also outlines the positive impacts and potential challenges of the project and I strongly encourage you to check it out and leave a comment. And, while you're on the site, take a moment to read a few of the 267 other great ideas sourced from all over the world about improving women's lives through technology. But back to eHomemakers. I really enjoyed watching the videos they included in

Working From Home As A Facilitator In Healing Work

In the past, I would think deep with the companion of high stress levels building up within my decision to resign from a job, what I’d like to do in my career with a planned path, if there’s truly a passion behind the chosen path and earn enough for my keeps. I had always thought being an Admin assistant/Secretary or a position along those line of work was “the right fit” and with the intention to work from home freelance as some people have been doing and making a modest income while they’re at it as well. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to take control of my time and have my power to channel into my passion to do something more meaningful, beautiful and helpful to others and make a modest income from there but didn’t found the courage or the career and path that “fit just right”. At the end of much deliberation to leave a job and embark on my own was always filled with worries, fears with little happiness and wholeness. I went through experiences of negative patterns