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Finding My Voice Through Creativity

This is my first post for 2020. How have the year been for you? Since 1 January 2020,  I have been baking, stitching sock dolls, writing and singing. I would never imagine my creativity can go beyond poetry writing. I used to have a rather fixed mindset on who I am; what I am capable of and what I am not.  Handsewn up to 70 sock dolls since 1 January 2020. I have gifted most of them to hospital children during Patrick's regular medical appointment in January 2020 & to Ronald McDonald House Charities for cancer kids in HUKM.  A few friends shared they could not see me as a sock doll maker or a baker. I could not vision myself as that too. I considered myself an inept cook. I do not consider myself much of a cook and a baker. I have no interest to learn too. Because of Patrick, I encouraged myself to make some attempts.  My initial failed attempts in baking muffin, cookies and chocolate cake. Cooking meals and soup for the family. Latest crafted cookie