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My Life So Far....

I'm a woman in her mid-30s who was diagnosed with SLE in 1997. In 2004, I started HD. I've now been a HD patient for more than five years! Whew! how time flies! Now, how was it discovered I had SLE? Allow me to explain. I had just graduated at that time, I applied for a job in a big company and there was a compulsory health screening. During the urine test, it was discovered that my urine had traces of kidney failure. Because the clinic would not proceed without payment, I shifted my investigation to a government hospital. And I was fortunate that I was diagnosed early without the usual running around departments in the hospital that some SLE patients face because SLE is known as the disease with many faces that is, its' symptoms are similar to many other conditions, so it's very difficult to pinpoint accurately. Then came my next challenge : delaying dialysis for as long as possible. I was immediately advised to adopt the renal diet, which isn't as fun as th

What do you think of being a Christian?

I was wondering why Christians make such a fuss about regular pop music. Sure, the lyrics aren't exactly what you would call holy, but I find that if you close one ear it's not too bad. I certainly don't believe that all Christians should shut their ears totally to secular music and just listen to praise & worship or hymns alone. To me, that would be boring and I, for one refuse to do that. Of course, I don't listen to the really profane like heavy metal or (I don't know what they call it) music that has lyrics relating to satanic worship or the like. I just think that we Christians should be set apart for Christ but don't forget, we're still living in this world for now. So, should we go through life with blinkers on our eyes or earmuffs on our ears? I don't know about you but I don't think so! While we're here on Earth, we might as well enjoy what it has to offer but of course, make sure that it doesn't lead to sin, remember, I'

Happily Ever After?

Have you ever been in a relationship that ended and you were left wondering what went wrong? Or have you found yourself experiencing one failed relationship after another and you just couldn’t figure out what the problem was? If you believe that relationships are anything like you see in the movies, all lovey-dovey and everything is perfect and romantic all the time, you need a serious reality check! There is a lot more to relationships that happiness and bliss and everything going your way all the time. Relationships are no easy matter, and both parties need to work at it in order for it to work out. Lots of couples have long and happy relationships, and there is no magic formula there, just plain hard work. They’ve had their tough times and differences too, but the difference is that they managed to work it out despite the odds and that is what made the relationship last. So do these happy couples have any tips for us on how we can make our relationship a long and happy one to

How to Spot Fakes?

We have finally decided to let go of our love for fakes. But what do we do about those fakes being disguised as the real thing? I have a friend who bid for a Prada clutch on eBay just to find out upon arrival that it was actually a ‘replica’. Yes, they use word like ‘replica’ these days. Maybe to make it sounds less obvious. But not to worry because there are methods which can be used to spot the fakes. 1. The outrageously low prices. Like, hello?! You don’t get an original Fendi or D&G for 150 bucks for sure. The best thing to do is always check the price of the item from the official website of the brand. If the price offered to you is ridiculously low or lower than 30% of the original, it’s a surefire sign that you were about to add a counterfeit to your shopping cart. 2. Check the material and craftsmanship. If the leather feels like PVC instead of lambskin, then it’s not the real thing. Look closely at the stitching as well as the lining. Brands like Coach for instanc

Tips On Creating Your Own Blog

Peniaga bertanya, "Bagaimana cara pertama saya dapat membuka blog sendiri?" Blog dapat dihasilkan menggunakan Blogspot di Kunci bagi memasuki sistem blog ini adalah dengan mempunyai akaun Google. Melalui akaun Google juga, kita dapat mengakses kepada aplikasi-aplikasi lain yang dapat digunakan bersama blog yang dihasilkan. Akaun Google yang dimaksudkan menggunakan perkhidmatan emel yang disediakan dalam Gmail. Gmail adalah kawalan kepada semua aplikasi yang ada. Kita andaikan ia sebagai kunci kepada pintu-pintu lain dalam Google. Tanpa kunci ini, kita dapat masuk ke dalam dan menggunakan apa-apa aplikasi yang disediakan Google secara efisien. Membuka Gmail bermaksud kita mempunyai Google Account sendiri. Akses kepada aplikasi lain sangat bergantung kepada Google Account yang kita wujudkan. Mendaftar akaun melalui Google Langkah satu Layari Langkah dua Klik pada Create an account bagi pengguna Gmail untuk pertama kali. Kita akan diba

Why Buying Fake Goods Is Bad?

Fake, knock-off, imitation, counterfeit… whatever you want to call it. I am the kinda person who would rather tot around an inexpensive bag and shoes from the high-street brands than wear something fake. Regardless of the price, at least I know for sure that they are originals. It’s just sad to see how people would buy something that they call ‘high-quality fakes’ when they can get items from Guess, Aldo, Topshop, Promod etc for similar price. Does it feel good to have fake stuff on your body? And is there really such a thing as ‘high-quality fakes’? Do you have any idea where those fake Fendi, Gucci and LV came from? Most counterfeit merchandise is linked closely to crime rings, child labor, and human trafficking. These handbags and shoes are made in secluded sweatshops by workers who are working long hours in poor conditions. And the most upsetting part is these workers are young children who are being forced to work hours after hours on the old, rusty sewing machine just to pro

Reading and the Stay-at-Home Writer by Avantika

Reading has become a big issue in Malaysia. We even have a reading ambassador: Michelle Yeoh. The Star newspaper reports that she has been appointed ambassador for the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry’s “Come and Read 1Malaysia” campaign. Daphne Lee has commented on this issue with her own piece, Pretty faces aren’t enough . She says, amongst other things, that the libraries of Malaysia – be it in the schools or elsewhere – are not properly stocked and we should have teachers and librarians who are, themselves, enthusiastic readers. It is the last sentence in her piece that interests me: I nstead, give us knowledge, passion, personal commitment and long-term action. With that in mind, I thought that in this piece, I share with you some of the knowledge I’ve collected about useful books for writers. Essential Guides for those who would like to write anything at all. 1. Usage and Abusage of the English Language ; new edition edited by Janet Whitcut. At first glance

Chadian Women and Food as Enterprise

My friend Zhu Jun and I have spent the past few weeks exploring his experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Chad and I wanted to share the final post with the eHomemakers community. (If you'd like to read the full series, you can check it out on my blog .) While there are few business opportunities traditionally open to women in Chad, many have managed to carve out a niche for themselves selling food and drink. Here's Zhu Jun's take on things: The vast majority of women in Léré and rural Chad are bound by unspoken gender rules that limit the types of entrepreneurship women can engage in. This generally means entrepreneurship for women in Chad is limited to serving food and drink. In streets near transportation centers and well-traveled roads throughout the country, women and girls hawk snacks including fried bean fritters, Chadian doughnuts or beignets , beans and rice, seasonal fruits, palm nuts, grilled chicken, grilled or fried fish, and packs of water. Grown men