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Challenging Self On Facebook Live

           Cordelia and Joy invited me to share my story as a seven-day challenger attempting the challenge in Heartation. As a first-timer, I was quite nervous speaking on Facebook live. There wasn't any rehearsal either. The first time I spoke to Joy was a few minutes before the live feed.       The mindfulness and the sound challenge were indeed interesting. Having done meditation before, it was not too difficult for me to be more aware of my surroundings. Once in a while, I needed such a reminder to slow down and see things from a unique perspective. For the entire week, I would receive WhatsApp notifications of different tasks to be completed every day for the challenge.      So why did I decide to go on Facebook live? I felt it was time for me to challenge myself to do something out of my comfort zone.      Having done it, I realised there were areas I could improve upon to be a better speaker. For me to grow further, I needed to experience different things in life and to lea

Chinese New Year Reflection 2021

     As Chinese New Year is fast approaching, I am reminded of the true meaning of Chinese New Year. It is not about the buying of new clothes, fireworks, and the gluttony of festive food. Instead, it is being together with our family.      Because of its once-a-year occasion, it is a good time to remind ourselves of family ties and relationships. With the Covid-19 still going on, let us not forget that Chinese New Year will still arrive every year, but a loved one, after he or she is gone, we will not see them anymore.      Therefore, for this Chinese New Year, concentrate on the positive and be thankful that we still have people around us who are still living and healthy. A reminder of not taking things for granted. Though we may not get together or meet up this year, remember our health and their health are more important at this point of time. Prioritising on what matters in the long run instead of what we would miss out during this Chinese New Year.      Happy Chinese New Year to

We Are All Going To Die

          We are all going to die.      It was the second time the same person in the Whatsapp group I belonged to; sent such a message.      I could feel so much negativity in just one message.      The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for about a year now and things do not seem to improve. People are getting more anxious. Every day, negative messages seem to flood under the chat column of my Whatsapp. There are days I skip reading the messages altogether.      We should not let fear get to us. Yes, the situation may seem critical. However, what are we doing about it? There is no use complaining and getting pessimistic over the problem without doing something. Our negative reaction will only give more power to external circumstances and influences. When we complain and whine every day, our emphasis will be on negativity and how powerless we are towards the situation. By continuously doing so, we are giving away our own power day by day. We are also influencing the mood and emotions