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The Colours Of Merdeka Raya

     Salam Merdeka Raya to all readers! May this joyous season bring us the best of everything a festival could offer, especially the food. It is my family's tradition to have a special thematic cake on the table each year. That cake would sit in the middle of the table, untouched and uncut until the third or fourth Raya. I could sometimes see kids drooling over the cake and left our house pretty disappointed for not being served any of it. We had cakes like a log, a house, a book and other shapes and sizes, all made using pound cake recipe. Trying my very best to preserve such tradition, I too would make one special cake that sits on the dining table each Raya. I used the simplest yet the best butter cake recipe for my mosque cake this year. Thanks to Peggy Porschen. You will love it too. Ingredients: 400g butter 400g caster sugar 8 eggs (lightly beaten) 400g self-raising flour 1 teaspoon vanilla essence or butter vanilla Method: Preheat oven to 170C.