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Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

         I measured the shortening and water, then added them into the premix flour. It is always prudent to measure everything before mixing them together. Wearing a sterilized glove, I began my work with the mixture.       Last year I made pandan flavoured mung bean snow skin mooncake and oreo cheese. This year I opted for the plain red bean and lotus paste for filling.      As my hand moved to knead the dough, I realised the mid-autumn festival celebration this year will be different from last year. In 2019, my sister could return from Singapore. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus situation, most likely she could not do so this time.      Even though our family doesn’t really celebrate the festival, for the Chinese, we associate it with reunion and togetherness. Snow skin mooncake with red bean filling Snow skin moon cake with pandan flavoured mung bean filling     “I wish things were back to normal again” I would often hear this from people ever since Ma