Rose Infused Oil

In my last article Roses Are Yellow, Red And Pink, I was experimenting on rose infused oil with the roses in my garden. After keeping the 2 bottles of oil for a month in the cupboard. I have decided to sieved the content of one bottle.
Peering inside the jar, I was happy that there were no traces of fungus growing. If it was moldy, I would have to throw the whole jar away.

Put the strainer above the funnel

After sieving, the colour of the oil puzzled me. It looks almost the same, just a slightly darker shade of yellow. I messaged a friend for his opinion and saw other videos on rose infused oil. It would seem that the colour of the rose is non-soluble in oil. 

I used a cloth coffee strainer

                                                                                 Petals of red roses
I tested a few drops of the newly infused oil on a small area of my skin. There was no irritation. The oil felt light and easily absorbed by my skin.
Was the experiment a success? In my opinion, it was successful . However, the roses from my garden doesn’t emit a strong smell and as a result, the fragrance of the rose is missing from the oil.


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