Happily Ever After?

Have you ever been in a relationship that ended and you were left wondering what went wrong? Or have you found yourself experiencing one failed relationship after another and you just couldn’t figure out what the problem was?

If you believe that relationships are anything like you see in the movies, all lovey-dovey and everything is perfect and romantic all the time, you need a serious reality check! There is a lot more to relationships that happiness and bliss and everything going your way all the time.

Relationships are no easy matter, and both parties need to work at it in order for it to work out. Lots of couples have long and happy relationships, and there is no magic formula there, just plain hard work. They’ve had their tough times and differences too, but the difference is that they managed to work it out despite the odds and that is what made the relationship last.

So do these happy couples have any tips for us on how we can make our relationship a long and happy one too? They certainly did! And after asking around a few happy couples that I know who have been in a relationship for what seems like ages, here’s what they have to say:

Secret #1 - Talk Things Over
When you get into an argument of disagreement, don’t immediately start shouting at one another and throwing accusations about. Or when one of you is upset, don’t keep it to yourself and expect your partner to perform some magic mind-reading act and figure it out. You’ll just make things worse. Instead, whenever there is a problem, both partners should sit down face to face and talk it over and reach a compromise.

Secret #2 – Trust and Respect
Trust and respect are essential to building a good relationship. You need to trust your partner, or you’re going to find you’ll get into a lot more unnecessary arguments and fights a lot more often. Keep the jealousy down to a minimum too, and remember to give your partner the benefit of the doubt before jumping to your own conclusions.

Secret #3 – Do Away With The Ego Issues
The days where men and women are stereotyped are long gone. Men and women have come so far since then, and on some levels they are even considered equal. So do away with the old fashion thinking and be more open minded about things. If you genuinely love your partner, you want the very best for them, right? So be genuinely happy for them. For example, if the woman gets promoted to a higher position, the man should genuinely be happy for her instead of holding a resentful grudge. So what if she is earning more than you? Instead of letting it bruise your male ego, use to help motivate yourself to do better and at the same time, be happy and encouraging towards your partner. Bitterness only eats you up inside sooner or later.

Secret #4 – Be Each Other’s Best Friend
Having your partner as your best friend is totally different from your best girl friends, or in the case of the guy, the best mates. Your partner should be the one person you can talk to about anything, be yourself no matter what and most importantly, someone who you know you can confide safely, knowing that they won’t use it against you.

Secret #5 – Support Each Other, Good Or Bad
A partner who is just there for the good times, but runs away or breaks up with you the minute times get tough is not someone you can build a lasting relationship with. It may not be easy, and sometimes it can really push your limits, but partners should stick together and support each other through the hard times as best they can. Even if you are there merely as moral support, it makes a world of difference, so be someone that your partner can count on when times get rough.

Author: Yet Mee


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