Working From Home As A Facilitator In Healing Work

In the past, I would think deep with the companion of high stress levels building up within my decision to resign from a job, what I’d like to do in my career with a planned path, if there’s truly a passion behind the chosen path and earn enough for my keeps.

I had always thought being an Admin assistant/Secretary or a position along those line of work was “the right fit” and with the intention to work from home freelance as some people have been doing and making a modest income while they’re at it as well. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to take control of my time and have my power to channel into my passion to do something more meaningful, beautiful and helpful to others and make a modest income from there but didn’t found the courage or the career and path that “fit just right”.

At the end of much deliberation to leave a job and embark on my own was always filled with worries, fears with little happiness and wholeness.

I went through experiences of negative patterns with feeling lost, fear, worries and unhappiness in being employed for a many years further down the journey although I was making a modest income with yearly bonus.

I didn’t liked what I was going through for many years from working in positions that I had no passion for, having less wage than what I gave out, had to pretend there was a workload just for show (had a healthy control of my time), constantly dragging myself out of bed early in the morning to work and experiencing depressions like déjà vu either subtlely or strongly every few months.

So, I said to myself that enough is enough and I HAVE TO CHANGE my life AT 360° or at least 90° as “I was going crazy often” with not knowing what to do with my life. I even joked to others about having my brains re-engineered!

Anyway, I prayed to Divine Guidance to show me the way of my purpose living this life and also prayed for my brains to be re-engineered too.

I started to do deeper personal inner work slightly more than a year ago by experiencing and searching a few healing modalities “to get me out of myself” on answers to what my life purpose is and where do I start from there.

It was important for me to have a career with a path that I was passionate about/for which was also fulfilling, helpful and meaningful, mobility with flexibility of space to work from and also to build a relationship with the Creator at the same time.

I was led to seek healing through a program.

Thereafter, things started to move with change gradually by HIM as I found what I’d like to do with my life in this journey and where I could start from. I didn’t thought too deep or hard this time although earning a modest income to sustain my likelihood was. My calling was taking the “Leap of faith” as a Facilitator for the healing program and I did just that with also, I had the option to work at/from home. Double happiness!

Before I left the last employment, a colleague asked me these Qs - “Kim, are you happy? and Kim, are you honestly happy with your decision?” and my response was “I don’t know if I am happy but feel comforted and relieved in a way at that time.

Now, I feel happy as I am able to control my time, build my power to just be, no bosses to report to, no emotional trauma with wage being reduced without appropriate reasoning, no toll plazas to pay for (was working in Cyberjaya with travelling from DU!), have the flexibility of facilitating distance healing in either the dining area or in my bedroom, having the ambers of passion constantly burning without much effort, have a career and a path that “fits just right” and the luxury of sleeping as much as I can too and still earn a modest income with no regrets!:-)

What I hadn’t realized until I had joined the last employment was that I had given away the power of choice for my greater good to please loved ones with working in a conventional workplace, letting go of the freedom and comfort to work at/from home. It was with the last employment that I realize is a catalyst for my decision to finally be my own boss.

My prayers have also been answered by Divine Guidance with signs of HIS purpose for my living this life now and have had my brain cells re-structured! This is not a joke and it’s been very beneficial and helpful too! If anyone want to work from home – my suggestion is “Don’t plan too long ahead or wait too long but have good intentions with prayers on what is for your greater good and you’ll start to notice changes happening. It’s always in the NOW moment and never past or future in all that we do!

Author: Kim YSW


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