Read More About eHomemakers' Mobile Banking Projects

eHomemakers recently entered a competition called "Women | Tools | Technology: Building Opportunities & Economic Power" hosted by Ashoka's Changemakers (where I work).

The project they pitched involves expanding mobile-banking services to rural women, which addresses a number of issues that this group faces: finding work, getting paid, and supporting themselves.

Utilizing the specific mobile technology that eHomemakers describes in their entry, women will receive work orders from a coordinator and final payments for their work through their mobile phones.

The entry also outlines the positive impacts and potential challenges of the project and I strongly encourage you to check it out and leave a comment.

And, while you're on the site, take a moment to read a few of the 267 other great ideas sourced from all over the world about improving women's lives through technology.

But back to eHomemakers. I really enjoyed watching the videos they included in their entry. You can view all of them on their YouTube channel (including recent clips from Rural Champion Moms Unite Contest 2010) but I'm embedding one below for your viewing pleasure. (I love the weaving demo!)


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