Salam Ramadhan


       Salam Ramadhan and Happy Fasting to all my Muslim readers. May this month full of barakah and blessings brings joy to everyone regardless of race and faith.

      In this holy month, Muslims all over the world fulfil the third pillar of Islam by fasting, which is a challenging means to learning self-restraint and self-control particularly the desire to drink or eat during daytime. The healing power of fasting is tremendous. It purifies, cleanse and detox the body system.

      Personally, I would take this chance to rejuvenate my mind and body. However, I find the temptation is far greater than my own diet self-control when it comes to visiting Ramadhan bazars in the evening where the food stalls would normally take up almost all area.

      Looking at the variety and array of food makes me wonder how possible can our body sustain the process of cleansing from that one particular day if any of those food gets to the system. 

      Worse still, many end up buying more than what is needed. Walking our way through the lines of stalls with wafts of sweet-and-spicy-smelling grilled chicken and 'ayam percik' in the air, how can one possibly restrain him/herself from not succumbing to temptation, especially when  you're walking in an empty stomach?

      What about the Ramadhan buffets promotion at hotels and restaurants, of which pictures of mouth-watering food served there appear in magazines and newspapers weeks before Ramadhan that would certainly leave us drooling? Simply irresistable to many, I guess (me included sometimes). 

      However, that momentary satisfaction of gorging and gobbling up on food you desire during iftar (breaking fast) might put your whole day's effort to a waste.

      My advise: Have a healthy iftar by drinking plenty of plain water and eat moderate amount of food. Happy fasting!



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