You Do It La, You Are So Free!


I really really really hate it when people say to me "You do it la, you are so free!"

They don't understand that working at home is REAL WORK. They think I am shaking legs at my desk when the reality is that I work very hard you know. Just because I work from home in my pajamas doesn't make me FREE!!!

Do you work from home too? Do you get this kind of treatment too: 

(1) your friends and relatives don't think you do real work because you work from home; 

(2) your other half thinks you should do all the house admin because you are home all the time; 

(3) you don't have free time for yourself because you have too many things to do; 

(4) you keep getting distracted by friends who want to ask you out for afternoon tea in the middle of the day; and 

(5) you find yourself working a lot because the computer is always nearby. 

Siaaaaaaan right. 

BUT I really enjoy working from home! So I don't really care what other people think. This is how I treat "evil people" who think I don't do much work: 

(1) I ignore them as I am too sick of trying to explain what internet work is about; 

(2) I slack off on the house admin stuff I can slack off on; 

(3) I try to make small pockets of time for myself where I don't do work and just stare into space (haha no no I read magazines and surf hmmm but this is still related to work stuff); 

(4) I ignore friends who keep bugging me I just have no time; and 

(5) I try to make time for relaxation by watching mindless TV. 

So there, my battle plan against "evil people". What is your battle plan??? Let me know! 




  1. In the early years of my working at home, I got the same thing, but I had to keep going becos there was a family of 7 to take care of, i didn't have a chance to do anything to lepak!! I did write abt people in my newspaper column then, but at that time, few ppl were working at home to sympathize with me. Now I don'
    t care!!


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