Happy CNY


Happy Chinese New Year to those of you celebrating.

Hope you are not too tired from the celebrations. Do you guys celebrate the full 15 days? 

Well, I don't! These days, I find it tiring celebrating even on the second day. In fact, this is my first year ever in my 31 years of existence that I stayed at home on the second day. My parents usually go back to Malaysia to celebrate on second day so that leaves me free to do as I please. 

I must say that it is really awesome to be able to not have to visit relatives on the second day. I got to chill out and spent the day with my husband instead. 

Although I had a great time, I shall make sure I visit relatives on the second day of CNY next year as well. Certain traditions just need to be maintained isn't it! 

Anyway, there was a DOUBLE RAINBOW a day before CNY eve! I take that as a sign of prosperity!!!

So I hereby wish all of you a fantastic 2012 and may all of us strive to succeed in whatever we are doing. 

Can You See The Faint 2nd Rainbow???


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