Self Help Books - Sign Of Weakness?

Me again :) 

I have been reading a lot of self-help books. I never used to do it as I was always of the belief that I was too good/strong-minded to require self-help. I thought it was a sign of weakness. 

However, after having read so many self-help books in 2011 and counting, my opinion has changed drastically. 

I now realise that self-help books can help me vastly improve myself as a human being. For example, I have learnt many valuable tips on productivity, which has greatly improved my workflow allowing me to have a better work-life balance. If you wish to check out some self-help books, you may consider the popular resource of free ebooks at Project Gutenberg.  

I also realise that I was just too stubborn to explore new ideas and thoughts in the past, which is a shame as I may have missed out on a lot of "could have been brilliant" experiences. These days, I keep an open mind on new ideas and thoughts and am eager to experiment with them. Of course, one of my biggest experiments would be improving myself as a human being by researching on this evergreen topic of "self-help". 

I will keep you updated on my research on self-help and specifically in relation to how it may improve your life (and mine!) working from home. 

Speak soon, 



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