Hello eHomemakers..!!!

       Sewing is my passion. I found my real hobby just after my marriage. My mother was a sewing and crocheting artist. She used to teach crocheting and sewing clothes.

       Watching her amazing works, I developed similar interests ever since. Years passed by. In 2008, I went to further my studies in USM, Penang and set up a small kiosk that catered specifically to the students.

       It was named ‘Balqis House’. I spent my mornings studying and in the evening I baked bread and other homemade food to sell. I put a lot of effort to nurture my business. After I got married in 2009, I regained my passion in needle crafting and I began to develop an interest in sharing my passion and skills with other women.
       I worked for 2 years after I graduated but I realized then that my job was not fulfilling enough for me. I finally made up my mind to resign and started my needle crafting business under Balqis House. 

       I came across ehomemakers and I found motivating stories of women’s success. From that moment, I found my true self working at home by teaching needle crafting to people.
       Thus in 2011, I officially changed my website to fully art, craft and sewing web oriented. Besides receiving orders from customers, I am also active in giving handcraft and sewing lessons.

       I am very happy when I can help a lot of people through my free class program and TEKUN program to help women in need. A few of my customers have benefited from these programs. One has moved back to Indonesia and set up her own business there. Another one has set up a sewing service center in Kuala Kangsar and another one also began a sewing center in Puncak Alam.

        In 2012, I feel overwhelmed when eWA (e-Usahawan Wanita Malaysia), WENA (Association of Bumiputra Women Entrepreneur Network of Malaysia), and some of NGO organizations invited me to coorperate with them.

        To me, it is such a warm welcome to Balqis House to introduce my classes and charity projects. Classes include quilting and patchwork, sewing projects, crochet, beading, and ‘hantaran’ arrangement.

      A profuse thanks to ehomemakers for giving me the opportunity to write in this blog. Hopefully, my experience could be shared and benefited by all readers.


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