Creative Sewing Projects

Hello to all ehomemakers readers. For this post I would like to share about several interesting webs regarding sewing projects.

      These are the useful lists for anyone who has a keen passion in sewing. The tutorial and tips given by these great homemakers are really useful and could be our inspirations to enhance our own sewing projects.
      Besides sewing classes, I regularly refer to these blogs and website for extra and up-to-date information. Sewing is all about creativity. The more you sew, the more creative you will become.

      One of my favourite websites is The owner, Mdm Joanne, is such a creative person and full of unexpected ideas. My advice to any beginner is to follow her web and facebook as you will learn a lot from her and also to practice what the projects she recommends as this will enhance your sewing creativity.

      One of the link that I would like to share is

      The project is easy yet unique. probably you could generate some income from the zipper bag ;-). 

The following websites are also useful. Take a look and enjoy the tutorials!!!

4) -for quilt lovers
5) - great for fresh ideas!


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