Bread Pudding

I recently had a class on 6 types of pudding. One of the puddings that my students loved was the bread pudding. 
        Regardless of its simplicity in ingredients and appearance, it is to me one of the best warm desserts that goes perfectly well with a cup of steaming hot coffee. Preparing this old-fashioned dessert means your leftover bread slices will not go to waste.
        In fact, if you find it hard to finish a loaf of bread before it's expiry date, freeze it until you are ready to make this scrumptious bread pudding. 

Ingredients and Preparation

Bread pudding :
1 loaf of bread (or any bread of the same weight. If you're using baguettes, slice thinly)
Butter to spread on bread
125g butter (cold and cut into small cubes)
2 tbsp flour
500ml fresh milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp of brown/muscovado sugar
Raisins (if desired)

        Toast each slices of bread until light brown. Butter each slice of bread. Then tear them into medium-sized pieces. Place half of the amount of bread (no need to arrange in any order) in a baking dish.
        Sprinkle some raisins and place the rest of the bread pieces. Whisk all other ingredients except butter, then pour onto the bread. Top with raisins and butter. Sprinkle brown sugar on top. Bake for 40 minutes or until the middle part is not wobbly. 

Sauce :  

1 can of evaporated milk
3 cups fresh milk
2 cups water
3 eggs
1/3 cup corn flour
few drops vanilla essence

        Whisk or blend all ingredients in a blender and heat in a pot while stirring at all times. When the sauce thickens, turn heat off. Cool and chill. 
        Serve the pudding warm with the chilled sauce. Topped with fresh/whip cream and fresh strawberries. Heaven!


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