You Never Know How Strong You Are

-          Bob Marley

I have met friends and even strangers who couldn’t imagine what I had gone through. Some even speculated that if they were in my position, they would probably be dead, depressed and etc. Such a bleak picture!

Most of the time, when something bad happens to others, we fear and worry that the same thing would happen to us or to our love ones. I had friends and relatives who quickly check their gas tubes at home and some even switched their normal gas stove to induction cooker after hearing the news of my accident. A few of my friends had even told me that my accident had forced them to reflect on their own lives and the lives of their love ones.

I feel that we should not underestimate our own will to survive in any situation. I did whatever I could to survive. I believe that everyone would do the same too.

When tragedy strikes, some would tend to blame God for any disaster that happened to them. Why me? Is the most common question. Well, why not? If it can happen to others, why can’t it happen to us as well?

We tend to be in our own comfort zone hoping that we do not face sufferings, setbacks in life. However, that is not possible. What makes us more special than the rest of the world’s population? In reality, anything can happen at any time. 

             I have seen people on social media ranting against God. Asking all sorts of questions when tragedy strikes, like why God didn’t save those people? If God is around, why didn’t God prevent the tragedy from happening to them? And when they receive no answers, they question God’s existence and make sarcastic comments to those who believes in God.

 In the first place, why are they blaming God for all the tragedies in the world? As humans, logically we should know that bad things happen all the time. It is up to us whether to complaint or do something about it.

When there is war, people blame God. What does God have to do with war when it is people who started the war? How about natural calamity such as earthquakes, tsunami, flood etc? Well, some are as a result of global warming (also as a result of man’s work) and some are just natural disasters. Whatever it is, shit happens all the time. We need to accept this, do whatever we can and move on.

           I believe that human beings are resilient. Tragedy does help to put things into perspective.  When faced with death, all the unimportant stuff and the petty squabbles will be forgotten. The most important thing left would be how you have lived your live and whether you have spent enough time with your love ones. Live life without regrets.


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