Calmness And Patience Tested

11th March 2019 have been a truly memorable day. It was pain this time that accompanied my waking up. I may be semi-conscious, unable to have a coherent thought yet. However, pain I do recognised very well. 

This pain appeared to originate from the left side of my face; stinging pain at the back of my upper teeth and gums area. In less than an hour a trail of burning pain journeyed upwards from my gums. It went across my cheek to the side of my left temple. There was another source of pain which travelled from my gums downwards to my tailbone area. This lasted for two seconds. Then I felt the area of my tailbone appeared to tighten uncomfortably. 

A mixture of pain and numbness affected my appetite, mood and a pounding headache soon came after. I felt my head was facing a blaring loudspeaker in a rock concert. However, unlike the experience I had years ago, this did not elicit pleasure in my body. The sensation felt like my head being torn apart to pieces. 

Ouch, oh ouch, my poor gums!
It had been a long time since I last felt that way. 

My first thought - "Better try not to express this pain. I don't want Patrick to feel troubled. I hope this will go off soon."
Oh, shower! If only you can cool my pain away....

So, I tried to slow down my breaths to relax my body. However, it made me even more conscious of the searing pain. 

My fantasy to have a shower that would wash away this pain. 

My silence alerted my husband that something was wrong with me. Or likely my pained facial expression was the more obvious state. After I explained my circumstances, my husband felt it could be due to my lacking of sleep, dehydration and lacking in fruits consumption as the likely cause of my state. For he has suffered from gums inflammation due to lacking of sleep and rest before. 

I cannot helped but wondered aloud. Why now? I have been lacking of sleep since I was pregnant. My son today is already 1 year and five months old. No longer I have the luxury of 7-8 hours of nightly uninterrupted sleep. My average sleep would be three hours. On a good night, five hours of sleep. 

My husband, the ever problem solver decided to help me ease my pain. He prepared honey as breakfast, fruits juice for lunch and soya kefir as tea break. I brushed my teeth and flossed it a few times in a day. I gargled with salt and mouthwash. I took my nap as well, which gave me relief from the pain. However, reminder of pain returned upon my waking up. Finally by 4.30pm, the pain sensation slowly turned into soreness. I felt thankful for that. A much bearable sensation compared to pain. 

Then I experienced the next chaos - one of the earlier articles which I had written was 3rd quarter gone from the screen. To my surprise, I was not upset. When these things happened, I would sometimes reacted with frustration and impatience. Because I would have to start all over again. Instead I calmly observed the almost empty screen on my MacBook with a thought that sometimes these things happened. I just had to rewrite once more. 

However this calmness aura I was having almost the whole day disappeared by the sight below:-

No more calmness at the sight of that!
I have no problems seeing blood. However, I am very concerned I would not be able to stop the bleeding.  Likely due to his itchiness caused by a sudden increase in bilirubin that led Patrick to scratch his ear until open wounds state. It was not the first time I see his ears bloodied. However, it was the first time that much. 

I tried to calm myself down while I cleaned his ears, hoping these were mostly dried blood. I was already thinking of Plan B if it was not; which was to press the tissue against the open wound to stop its bleeding. And Plan C  - if I could not stop the bleeding, to have him admitted to hospital. 

All cleaned up!
The day ended by Priscilla's visit, who delivered her honey products to my home at night. I wanted to order for my friends as a way to give emotional support and encouragement to their earlier predicament they were facing. I noted Priscilla's friendliness and enthusiasm for going into honey business. Her eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky, passion reflected in her tone of voice. 

What truly touched me was this:-

A heartfelt gift from Priscilla
Although the day started with a sea of chaos that involved physical pain, it ended with sweetness thanks to Priscilla.

Kindness always touches us especially when we faced unexpected turbulences of life. It may not take our turbulence away immediately. Kindness have a way to give us hope and temporary breathing space. That a better day shall come, shall be. That whatever we were facing, we can overcome. 


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