Yvonne Foong

            Last week, I visited a friend who is suffering from Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), a hereditary condition that causes her body to produce multiple tumours throughout her life.  Link to Yvonne's blog .

Photo was taken from her Facebook

She was supposed to go to the United States of America in May 2018 for a cervical spine surgery.  Unfortunately, before the trip, she fell on her back and hit her head. She had to undergo a critical brain surgery instead in Kuala Lumpur. The money she collected for the surgery in USA was all spent on the brain surgery.

When I saw her, the first thing I noticed was the protruding feeding tube at her stomach. Food had to be inserted through the feeding tube. Yvonne is deaf and blind. She is still bedridden and immobile as a result of the fall she had in May 2018.

To communicate with Yvonne, I had to write an alphabet at a time, slowly on her palm. If she doesn’t get the word, it must be written all over again. It is best to use few simple words when communicating with her. Luckily Yvonne can still talk. However, ever since the last time I saw her in 2015, her voice is not as clear.  Sometimes I needed to ask her to repeat what she said by drawing a question mark sign on her palm.

Memories of my own bedridden state of over 6 months came to my mind. Then I noticed her feet. As I was touching her feet, I asked her to move them upwards, but she could not do so. They were hard and stiff. I knew that it was not a good sign. When I was in the ICU, the nurses put splints on my hands and legs. Even though I complained on how uncomfortable they felt and the roughness of the splints, the nurses reminded me that I needed them and would be thankful for them.  

I realised that Yvonne has foot drop because of prolonged period of being bedridden. Unless she gets help, it will be difficult and painful for her to stand and walk again.

According to Yvonne, she cannot turn her body by herself. I suspected that she suffers from muscle atrophy which I had also suffered the same during my stay in the ICU and burn ward.

Currently, she is not having any physiotherapy sessions. I feel this is necessary, if not she may be bedridden for life. Her mother, a 69 years old woman is suffering from goiter and has other health ailments, she is Yvonne’s only caregiver. I understand that she could not do much alone. 

The last post on Yvonne’s Facebook, which was posted by a friend on her behalf:-

Marcus is finding someone to help her with physiotherapy. The fees for a house call is between RM250 to RM350 per session which Yvonne and her mother can’t afford right now.

If anyone reading this can help Yvonne, please contact me and I will help you get in touch with Marcus.

******* UPDATE  1st July 2019 ********

*******UPDATE 11th July 2019*******
Copied from Yvonne's facebook account :-

Updating on Yvonne's behalf:
1. Donations can now be made to the following joint account between Yvonne and her mother:
Foong Ming Niang & Chia Kwee Que
5122 2206 0663
Please do not donate to Mrs Foong's personal bank account anymore because Maybank has advised that it is not properly set up to receive mass donations.
2. Book sales are still temporarily paused as we explore more effective ways of managing book sales. Please continue to let us know of your interest to purchase her books through this Google Form: https://bit.ly/30tv3rD
3. Thank you for your generous contributions of diapers and Ensure milk! The family has enough supply to sustain for some time. Once again, thank you.
4. We are still looking into setting up proper visiting schedules to allow the family sufficient rest times. While we are grateful for the support and ad hoc visits from the public, we would like to urge for the public's empathy and ask that you give Yvonne and her mum some space and time to rest.
Thank you for your continued Kindness, Love and Support.

*******UPDATE 18th July 2019*******
Copied from Yvonne's facebook account :-

Thank you for your continued support for Yvonne and her widowed mother, Mrs Foong! A few updates:
Doctors have determined that 70 year-old Mrs Foong has a severe thyroid condition that requires urgent medical care and surgery. Mrs Foong is experiencing increased difficulty in breathing and swallowing due to compression from the thyroid. As such, in the coming days, Mrs Foong will be admitted to the hospital for the surgical procedure.
In the meantime, Yvonne Foong will be sent to a nursing home to be cared for, with regular visitation from medical doctor, physiotherapist and a few select specialists for her various needs.
The house & other domestic needs will be cared for by volunteers at regular intervals. We implore the public to refrain from visiting their home for now as Mrs Foong will be warded at the hospital.
The family expresses their gratitude for your continued prayers, blessing and support.
How you can be a blessing:
Foong Ming Niang & Chia Kwee Que
5122 2206 0663

*******UPDATE 13/11/2019 *******

Yvonne passed away on the 11/11/2019. She will be dearly missed by her family and friends.


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