Helping Out A Fellow Burn Survivor

Many do not understand the pain and suffering that a burn survivor goes through, sometimes it may continue for years from the initial burn incident. The complications of wound healing and also contracture sometimes get into the way of healing and makes it difficult for a burn survivor to lead a normal life. Treatment and managing the after effect of burns can be a lifelong process.  Furthermore, burn care is one of the most complicated and expensive treatment at the hospital. 

Fatimah nearly died in a fire at 6 years old. Since then, she has gone through numerous surgeries throughout her young life.

Despite the challenges and odds against her, Fatimah entered high school and continued with her studies at the University of St. Thomas. However, her studies were often disrupted with her medical needs.

Fatimah is a kind and caring lady who often shares her experiences with newer burn survivors on how to cope with their burn injuries. Although she has her own life challenges, she often motivates and encourage people not to give up, especially those who are undergoing dark moments in their life.

One of Fatimah’s hobby is cooking, she loves preparing delicious food for her family. She dreams of starting a restaurant business.  Some of the food cooked by her:-

Now, at 27 years old, she still has to undergo an operation on her head as her wound has gotten deeper and could not heal.  The last skin graft did not stick, leaving her skull exposed. Going for a surgery is stressful enough, with the added expenses, she constantly worries about finances.

Please help Fatimah to collect enough funds for her next surgery, give her a chance in life, with hope, this surgery would make a difference. She has set up a go fundme account:-

Fundraiser by Fatimah


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