The Asian Woman

    Light shining on me from the light stand. My living room had never been so bright before.

    It was hot, even the air-conditioner did not seem to reduce the heat.

    It was on 18th December 2020 and I took leave from work for this interview. It was finally happening! The interview was canceled a few times before, due to restriction of movements during the Movement Control Order and Conditional Movement Control Order. The interviewers had obtained permission from the police to shoot the film.

    I admit I was quite nervous as the experience was a first for me. However, Shelin and Quinn were good at what they do, capturing natural moments in front of the camera. There were times they reminded me to smile. 

    Thank you The Asian Woman for giving me this opportunity to speak up. Keep up the good work in giving a voice to the voiceless!

    The video:-

Website link: Rising From The Ashes


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